Kristen tells her 'Welcome to the Riley's' Role affected her the most.

Excerpt from LATimes 24Frames article on the "Welcome to the Riley's'.

"Rebecca Yeldham, LAFF director, moderated the discussion and first asked Stewart if she consciously chose parts "that couldn't be further from Bella" when taking roles outside the smash supernatural romance series that has made her an international sensation.

"No, it's never been, I've never chosen," Stewart said, beginning one of her notoriously halting, slightly elliptical answers, partly seeming self-aware enough to not want to repeat herself from previous interviews and partly unsure of how to put her thoughts into words, as if her mind were moving much faster than her mouth.

"It's a strange word to say 'chosen,' but I've never chosen anything I wasn't so moved by," she continued. "Liking something, it's a similar feeling to read something, it's such an undeniable emotion, whatever, to feel like you want to live and learn from that. And I had that with this. It really doesn't matter the budget of the movie -- I had that with 'Twilight.' Yeah, so, there you go."

In a question from the audience, Stewart was asked how she prepared for her "Rileys" role.

"I learned how to dance a bit, which you don't really see in the movie," Stewart said. "It was good for me, to learn from that you get bruises all over your body. It's really tiring. It hurts."

Stewart said she also talked to women at the strip club where parts of the film were shot. "And that was good for me because a lot of people really are dead inside when you look in their eyes, and it was hard for me at the beginning to understand what could push you to lose that. Basically these girls walk around like open wounds, like physically, literally, all the time, all day."

Asked if there was a scene in "Rileys" that was particularly difficult to shoot, Stewart mentioned a scene in which she and Leo discuss a certain female issue -- "the urinary tract infection scene," she called it -- and noted how Leo's off-camera performance during Stewart's close-up was particularly useful.

"She made me feel really, really, really weird," Stewart said, turning to Leo and asking "was it weird for you?" when she asked Stewart if she couldn't urinate.

"I'm somebody's mother, Kristen," Leo said. "It's not funny to ask if you made pee-pee if your pee-pee's feeling bad. That's what you do."

A young woman who said she came from Sweden haltingly asked why Stewart had said in another interview that her character in "Rileys" was the one she connected with the most. "Maybe it just affected me the most. It's hard to say," replied Stewart. "Sometimes you can leave [stuff] at work and sometimes you can't."