Wyck Godfrey Talks about Rob and Kristen with Time Mag

Everyone is talking about whatever is going on between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Is that good for business?
Do you want the honest answer? I haven't even thought of it that way.

That's not the honest answer.
It really is. I honestly don't think of it in terms of business. It doesn't affect our core business at all. The thing I do think about is, Oh my God, I hope they stay together. Because it could be awkward on set in the next movie if they have a huge falling out. It's like, Wow, they have to portray this love story through two more movies. God, I hope they stay together; please stay together. That's what affects my day-to-day.

But you walk by newsstands and it's a publicist's dream: they are on every cover.
I don't feel it's out there anymore. Do people still report on it? If you look at people who have a stable personal life, the rags get tired of them. I think we're heading to that place where they are together and that's their life and we better find someone new to create drama out of.

Read the full interview at Time.com
GossipCop reported on this too.  And you know that GC is somehow Summit's PR so, yep they are confirming Wyck's interview as real and therefore its contents.. REAL.

Seriously kids, I find it funny that you get all excited about Wyck's statement. Do we still need a confirmation on Rob and Kristen?  Well, I don't need it anymore.  And I would prefer that they never talk about it or never confirm it ever.  I will gladly give that to them. Whatever makes them happy and whatever makes their relaysh stronger, I am all for it.  Just read Wyck's last statement again, it's not "out there anymore". For him its not a 'standing question' anymore-  its already a 'given'.  So let us put all the doubt to rest and let us just bask in RobSten love, ok? If you don't agree I suggest you move to a blog that still questions Rob and Kristen, or to the N's site, who enjoy everyday drama.

Seriously lovies, Creme de la Mer costs too much these days. lmao. No need to worry, no need to fuzz.