Taylor: "My friendship with Rob and Kristen over the years mean everything."

You got to work more closely with Robert Pattinson in this episode, as your two characters vie for Bella’s affection. What was that like?

It was awesome. I liked how our characters are sworn enemies, but they’re forced to team up together to protect Bella. The hardest thing was that in most of our scenes we’re supposed to hate each other. We’re yelling and screaming and spitting in each other’s faces, but Rob’s such a nice guy, it’s difficult being mean to him. We’d shoot those scenes, and then as soon as they called “cut,” we’d bust out laughing. My friendship with Rob and Kristen over the years means everything. I can’t imagine what it would be like to film these movies if we weren’t such close friends. It’s definitely something we’ll maintain beyond the end of the franchise.

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