Rob, Kristen, and Taylor's Interview with 'The Woody Talk Show' - Thailand

I posted Rob's part earlier in LQ.

Taylor's starts at 6:40

Kristen's + the bad vamps Bryce, Xavier and Dakota.
Love the part where the interviewer tells her about a poll that Thai teens wanted to be like her. Aww, so sweet.
Chooses Edward as the better kisser. Duh. lol

Rob's +'bad vamps' interview.  He said he bought Singha and Chang beer T-shirts on line. lol. 
He is now better in memorizing lines. This is new!
Another part of the body that Edward would want to bite on. haha
After filming WFE, Rob said he will directly work on BD  (oops, no Unbound Captives mention)

Thanks to ide_blade at kstewartfans

Dear Kamin, miss you babe! Hope you are well. *waves*