Kristen's Interview with VIPde. Sam Claflin Mentions Kristen

Kristen talks about the most intriguing thing about character. She is essentially good, we didn't make her a superhero. Joked about being vain.

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 Sam mentions Kristen - Madchen (Germany)Interview

(1:15) How was is working with Kristen in the film? Sam: Nearly as good as meeting my fiancĂ©e (laughing) Sam also jokes (2:35) he’d like to look more like Robert Pattinson

Rupert and Charlize mention Kristen - interviews below.

Rupert Sanders on Casting Kristen. "She's kind of an outsider in the Hollywood system, bit of a rebel, very tough and has this kind of animalistic spirit to her, which I think is great."


TeeMix Interview. "I'm so honored to be in the same movie with them."

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