SWATH Costar, Johnny Harris talks about Kristen. More Kristen Mentions

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 Chris Hemsworth mentions Kristen. NovaFM interview

Chris explains Kristen Punching him out on NovaFm by veronicaspuffy

Rupert Sanders Interview withMovieMag

What was the casting process based on? Charlize was the first to come on board. We saw in her this very strong, formidable presence. She’s got this incredible beauty, but was willing to go somewhere awful with it for the role. She’s a very talented actor and has that strength. For Snow White we were looking for someone who is decisive and modern. There is something very spirited about Kristen. She carries so much weight on her shoulders and she handles it in a very grown up manner. For just a 22 year old, it’s crazy. She’s an incredibly gifted actor, so she was the obvious choice. Chris was a very athletic, well- trained, charming actor, but he was able to open up for this performance – there is a very emotional side to him which we haven’t seen before and that was thrilling to watch.

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