Rob and Kristen Spotted at Jenny Lewis' Concert in LA

Rob and Kristen were spotted by a number of people at the Jenny Lewis concert last night, June 21st in LA.  Sweet date night is sweet.
Updated! Pics of Rob and Kristen leaving the concert venue, Largo at the Coronet, posted here


Sighting1Oh hey rob patz and kristen stewart at @jennylewis. Wanna be friends? Beautiful, tiny and normal couple. At an amazing show/didn't realize you had awesome music taste.
Sighting2 Duh I'm squealing like a teen because Kristen Stewart is here. Oh, and her dude is here too, whoever he is. Paparazzi just asked if Robert Patterson was in there. WHO? I said no.

Sighting3 Kristen stewart is here watching jenny lewis. Lol
Sighting4 And now anne hathaway, and the twilight peeps are here.

Sighting5 RPatz and KStew have great taste in music... :) @jennylewis at Largo was really something else...other-worldly good. She seriously is on another level! Die for her!
Sighting6 Rpatz and k Stewart have good music taste @jennylewis
Sighting7 We went to a concert tonite and saw kstew and rpatz! What's weirder? The seeing them part or the holding hands part?

Sighting8 i tweet about @jennylewis and next thing you know i get some rpat and kstewart lover following me. yes they were at the show tonight!!!

Sighting Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are four f*cking rows behind my brother and sister at a concert. Omg. My brother just saw fucking Robert Pattinson. I am so damn jealous.

Some more tweets from Kristen's circle being at the Show.
sydney_lopez jenny lewis birthday dreamz come true.
 (This lady mentions Ruth,, K's publicist) bangeleno @ruth_bernstein how amazing was that show?! there's nothing like the high after an amazing show. "i heart cali tour" @jennylewis 10 years of seeing her perform and; she only gets better!

via   @Alice_intwiland