Kristen & Chris' Interview with Take40/HotHits and Marc Fennell

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  Take40 Kristen plays the leading character, and revealed of the modern interpretation: "The coolest thing about it is that she is very much what you'd imagine Snow White to be...She's very pure, she's got this connection to the earth, she's very compassionate and all that." "But it's not fake, she doesn't have a super power."

 Chris Hemsworth also had some interesting tidbits to share about his involvement in the film, including the admission that he loved singing Enya on set! "Maybe I liked a bit of Enya," he revealed to the Take 40 team. "My whole thing was this reminds me of Lord Of The Rings... we need some Enya... so I may have sung Enya through the shoot a bit."

 We wish he would sing Enya to us! Kristen added sarcastically "(He sang) just a couple of times... it memorable for me, obviously."

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Kristen and Chris' Interview with MarcFennell

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Transcript of the Marc Fennell interview under the CUT - Thanks to M

 Ist half: The interview was on a morning talk show (Circle): Clip of SWATH shown  and brief verbal intro by Sumiko (one of hosts) that Kristen of twilight fame and Thor's Chris Hemsworth walked the white carpet at Sydney premiere this week before the interview by Marc Fennell (TheMovieGuy) was shown.

 M: What is it about the Snow White's story do you think has made it so enduring/endearing over time?
 C: Just the themes we still all identify with, they're kinda timeless, you know: good versus evil, & love, courage & hope. Her courage and willingness to put herself in harm's way for the sake of other people was far more inspiring and interesting than anything else (still showing clips from SWATH)

 M: Kristen (He pronounces it like Christian!?), I know that you like to find elements of yourself in your characters, so where's the element of Kristen in Snow White for you?
K: Uhm, I find that usually you pick things based on what you identify with and so, I think that maybe with SW, I love the isolation that she faced,and she's the most set character I've ever encountered and not in a stubborn way, and she's uhm, all of the strengths that SW has in this movie, and  the reason why everyone is like, ooh this is such a bad ass girl movie, it's because she really is a girl, she doesn't turn into this like, bad imitation of a guy, she's really steady and strong and trusts herself.

 M: There is that element though, that she does kinda kick arse though and it's quite a physical role...
 K interrupts: Girls can do that!
 M: This is true...uhm...ask my wife. Laughter M: Uhm, it's actually quite a physical role. You guys did a lot of like very hands-on stuff, did you kinda injure yourself, did she beat you up at any point in this?

 K: ...again...
C: Err....yep yep she punched me in the face once.It was an accident Short Clip: Huntsman confronting SW K: ?
C: The worse injury I had was with the axe. I cut my hand... (describes a scene where he was trying to cut a twig) Troll swiping Huntsman clip.

 M: Congratulations are in order for you. You're a new dad at the moment..uhm, what's the most surprising thing about being a parent that nobody prepared you for?
(K smiling)
 C: Uhh...
 K: The impression he does of his baby is the funniest... Chris and Kristen doing impersonation (it's on Youtube?)
 C: She's incredibly active and the way, people all say, they all say that you swaddle them, cos you tie their arms down with the blanket and they sleep better. and my kid's Houdini by the way (more impersonating here) and it doesn't matter how tight it is, (impersonating), and then she's out, she's up, and she's hit herself in the face and awake again.

 M: Kristen, the Twilight movies  have obviously put a lot of focus on you and your life. I'm wondering, is there the one misconception that you would like to put pay to for once and for all that's come out with all the publicity and attention that surrounds those movies?
 C: She's not a vampire.
 M: Argh, dammit!
 C: I know I know... (he looks to Kristen here)
 K: (smiles but I think didn't look like she wanted to talk about Twilight) I know...sorry to burst your bub.
 M: Would you pay attention to what people would say, or was there a moment where you were like, "And that's it, 'm not reading the internet anymore
 C: I think I made the mistake once or twice..
K: Oh gosh yeah I..I'm obsessed with what people are...I'm like, I'm..I I'm like a total control freak (lip biting).
C: Really?
M: You're the most relaxed control freak I've ever seen in my life...
 K: Thanks. No yeah, I'm just really feigning. Uhm, I love the S and M mentality of it all. I love being part of a team. I love making something that we can be proud of together, and you know, it's the reason that feels good, and the reason that anyone has taste or thinks anything is cool, is because everyone has a different opinion of that. and I love...I mean If someone's gonna like have an opinion of you: if t's not love or hate I think it's kinda like...boring.

 M: At least they care.. at least they care..
 K: Yeah exactly.
 M: Chris, Christian, thank you so much!