Kristen and Chris Interviews with Today and Sunrise

Kristen's Interview on Sunrise

 @Sunriseon7 Kristen talks about punching Chris, what a great Aussie boy he is "the perfect guy to play the Hunstman". Talks about Breaking Dawn "its a nice close to it... lives in a different world and its odd in the best way. Its strange to watch." Also talks about being comfortable with fame, and her 'creative' family "I definitely look up to my mom on that level."

Kristen and Chris sat down with Today’s entertainment editor Richard Wilkins (big TwiFan- woot!) to talk SWATH. Kristen talks about deciding to do SWATH, press tours, working together and ‘Breaking Dawn'.
Kristen talks about her 'Twilight daughter' Mackenzie Foy "she's 11 y/o now" lol at the Bella-Nessie manip at 3:15
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