More SWATH Premiere Interviews. From TenNews and The Hot Hits

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Kristen talks about Breaking Dawn Part2 and coming back to Australia for the premiere/promo.

The Hot Hits Interview

  The HotHits Rupert Sanders directs the upcoming action/drama starring Charlize Theron, and had nothing but positive words to say about Kristen. He revealed "When I met her I was very taken by this rebellious streak to her... she's a very tough girl. If the role demands it she'll throw herself off a cliff." 

We also asked the lovely Kristen Stewart to tell us how it was to work with Charlize Theron! "Awesome..." Kristen said. "She's a real game upper. I want to stand on my tip toes around her, I want to impress her..." "You're always taking a bit of a gamble signing onto a movie... (but I knew) I want to work with her... it could be a terrible movie, (but) I want to work with her."

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