Kristen and Sam's Interview with T13 Chile

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 Transcript by @Black_Cullen (Google translated) - Under the CUT

It is one of the leading figures of Hollywood today. Thanks to the Twilight series is transformed into a teen icon and today has just been rectified as the highest paid actress by Forbes magazine. His name is already become synonymous with success and confirmed his latest film “Snow White and The Hunter.” The film has been at the top of the box office in the U.S. and Europe and continues to lead the preferences of the audience, now is the turn of Chile.
“Snow White and The Hunter” will premiere on Thursday an epic adventure based on the tale by the Brothers Grimm but its protagonist as a heroine, that we talk to Kristen Stewart in this exclusive interview with Chilean television.
“Reporter: Hi Kristen”
“Kristen: Hello”
“Reporter: You told us you did not read” Snow White “story, then why was easier to design, create this character from scratch?”
“Kristen: I think we were very faithful to what is supposed to be Snow White or the idea that everyone has in his head. And I think today is easier to understand this story, which is not so perfect, because now we question things … we want to know the why of things and I think to do well this movie had to put Snow White in a dangerous scenario, slit her the heart was still beating and see if that’s what makes it more interesting … the power to make a darker version. “

The film is a visual feast that does not neglect the classic references this story. Here are the 7 dwarfs and the mirror that reveals the beauty of Snow White with her wicked stepmother, poisoned apple also sentenced to a deep sleep.
“Kristen: the typical fairy tale is very basic, then anyone going to tell this story needs to know how to tell it to a universal audience. And the really amazing about this film is that is so fundamental, it’s about the darkness in people’s lives and the world and can show how beautiful it is. And it is absolutely lush … breathe … this film breathes, has a pulse and I think that’s because we showed the other side, we show how dark and grotesque story can be. “

Joined the cast Charlize Theron as the evil queen, Chris Hemsworth as the hunter and Sam Claflin as the prince. Like the English actor Kristen did not grow under the wing of the stories, but something reminiscent of Snow White.
“Sam: I grew up knowing of Snow White, my parents read the story, but my reference closest are the versions of Disney and most familiar is” Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s home we go from work “… that’s I remember the film but I do not know exactly what happened. “
But undoubtedly the main attraction lies in the role of Kristen Stewart, this is your first super production after Twilight, for many the beginning of a new stage in his career.

“Kristen: Appear to be the perfect choice, is how to say look how stressed me out of Twilight. No, definitely that’s not why I decided to make this film actually was working on Twilight and said no, let me finish this before you start another project, but everyone told me “This is very important, you can not miss this opportunity “and a week before the end of filming I asked to read a script and wonder: What is this? And I say … and I think Snow White What. Finally I ended up loving this movie, because it occurs in a place that does not exist and it is so incredibly beautiful. “
“Reporter: Thank you Kristen.”