Rob's Interview with ZDF from Cannes

YouTubeVeronicaspuffy Or watch@ZDF starts at 1:48 - 4:00.

Rob talks about the challenge of trying to humanize Eric Packer.
Eric Packer lives in his own world and speaks his own language.
"If you feel like the world has been taken away from you, figure out how to take it back."
Thinks it's great that young people are trying to connect with doing something as opposed to sitting around on facebook, video games doing nothing. Loves that they're out there and living.

Commentary at the end."Cosmopolis, based on the Don DeLillo novel, is a great movie, full of contradictions, full of conversation/discussion. A movie that looks into our near future like a blind clairvoyant." Danke Dorul, for the translation.-S

 via Tink/ Robsessed Thanks for the heads up Dani, almost missed it.