Kristen talks Scriptwriting with Rob and SWATH Sequel

by veronicaspuffy
MTV When MTV News caught up with Stewart at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, we asked her to address rumors that she and Pattinson are working on a script together.
“We are constantly working,” she said, “but no.”
We are!” her “Snow White and the Huntsman” co-star Chris Hemsworth chimed in. ” ‘Snow White and the Huntsman 2′ written by us, and it might be more of a straight-to-video version if they let us write it.
No, no,” Stewart replied.

Hemsworth defended his statement: “If they let us write it! If they let us write it.”
“It’ll be better,” she said. “Our version? We’ve basically written it. No, I’m kidding. We’re gonna write the second one, all of us [in the cast].”

We are,” Hemsworth agreed. “It’s gonna be a group kind of exercise. Everyone just closes their eyes and start scribbling and then whatever’s on that page, [that's the script].
Talk surrounding a “Snow White” sequel was previously reported back in April, when Universal was said to have approached screenwriter David Koepp about penning a script. Stewart told MTV News last year that she’s “over the moon” about this project and would “love” to work on more films if the franchise continues.
While the movie’s director, Rupert Sanders, said the fairy-tale princess could go dark in a sequel, Stewart remains skeptical.

“Well, I’m not saying anything. Nothing at all,” she laughed. “Let’s undermine our entire lead character in the very second [film]. It’s like, ‘No, that’s my whole [thing].’ It would be so weird to [make her darker]. It would break me, which would probably be interesting to watch.”

But then we have to rebuild you, which is exciting,” Hemsworth added.
“That’s the third one, the rebuilding,” Stewart replied.
“See how far in the future she lives?” the Aussie actor said, addressing us. “Never in the moment.”
Well, she is coming off four films, soon to be five, with “The Twilight Saga.
And Hemsworth conceded, “She’s done this before, hasn’t she?

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