The Yellow Handkerchief Producer, Arthur Cohn talks about Kristen

The Hollywood legend has worked together with many actors, but over Kristen Stewart Arthur Cohn (six Oscars!) goes into raptures.
A great artist and privately very modest”, so the producer who brought the posterior “Twilight”-beauty on the big screen for the first time. “And she smells like freshly mown grass, she never uses perfume.”

Stewart is the star in Cohn’s cinema-jewel “The Yellow Handkerchief”. She plays a young runaway. “Kristen represents a mix of emotional self-consciousness and stubborn self-assertion. She’s driven by the desire for support and acceptance in the world, in the middle of the difficulties of growing up.”
Beside Stewart another Hollywood star plays along, Oscar winner William Hurt (61). “The most professional actor I know”, says Cohn. source
Translation by robsteners via KStewAngel