Rob's Interview with Snakkle/ Accidental Sexiness / The Hollywood Chica

snakkle patronuska

Kristen's Snakkle Interview was posted HERE

ETA: From the interviewer Accidental Sexiness - August 3, 2011.
"The first thing that needs to be said is how lovely each and everyone of the talent were and not so much the way they are perceived by some media.  Kristen, Robert and Taylor are three of the biggest stars in the WORLD right now and it was quite surprising to see how “normal” they were. It can’t be easy to have been thrust into such fame so fast but I think they do quite well in handling it all."

The same clip with a wider camera angle. Starts at 3:26. Rob then Kristen.
Rob answers "What was it liekfor E/B to take the relationship to the next level?"
Kristen responds to "What was it like shooting the much talked about birth scene?"