K-11 Update: No Kristen but BigBro Cameron will be in the Film


Variety Kristen Stewart won't appear in "K-11," her mom's directorial debut, but big brother Cameron Stewart will, Variety's Josh Dickey exclusively reports. It'll be the first film credit for K-Stew's older sibling (no picture available, sorry guys!) but not for his co-stars Goran Visnjic, D.B. Sweeney and Portia Doubleday. The film stars Visnjic as a successful young record producer who wakes up after a three-day binge in a special unit of L.A. County’s Men’s Central Jail that's dedicated to vulnerable prisoners, a place ruled by a viper transsexual. (Cameron Stewart’s role wasn't disclosed). Though there was mass speculation that his kid sister of “Twilight” fame would also play a transgendered character, she is not involved in the project, alas. Shooting started July 18 at locations in Woodland Hills and Hollywood, and has moved on to the now-closed Sybil Brand correctional facility for women in Los Angeles County. via Variety_JLD

About 'On the Road'  Variety_JLD tweets "I think you'll get that news very soon."

Not a big surprise anymore, but CamStew's film debut is wonderful news! Me want to see Bear in a mohawk, too. lol 

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