Rob and Kristen's Interview with Cineplex

Cineplex Their fans had been lining up to see them since Monday, press outlets from all over the world converged on San Diego just to catch a glimpse of the duo, but what had Breaking Dawn stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart genuinely grinning from ear to ear? The opportunity to sit down for an interview…together.
This is great,” Rob enthused, bumping shoulders with his co-star as they took their seats. “We haven’t done an interview together in forever!”

CineplexMovies RE: Pattinson and Stewart - hoping to put up more of the interview for you guys but probably not until after #ComicCon chaos is over.


Super cute interview! Aww, we need more of this, like tons more.
For those who are asking about the MTV bit, Josh wasn't able to score a special interview with R/K. MTV featured bits of the press con in their special presentation and the separate interviews of Rob and Kristen on the red carpet.  You can find these clips in the 'Rob and Kristen Interviews' post. Thanks.

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