Full Breaking Dawn Q and A Panel Plus A Few Cute Clips


Below are fan vids that cover the Full Q and A 'Breaking Dawn' Panel. and some more cute clips. 

lostinreviews KStewDevotee

Fan vids
Includes the little girl's question for Rob.

The complete panel fan vids.
From 0315Melon/Meli1518 and From Twilightish
Part 1

Part 2 "Kristen and Rob on their honeymoon" lol at Taylor's reaction. Win!

Part 3 Nomnom lol

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Par 7

Complete coverage from Twiligtish

Excerpt clips.  Different angles.
From Iceangel34

Clip 1 Rob on Filming in Brazil

Clip 2 Rob talks Twilight and HP

Clip 3 Kristen talks about Bella's pregnancy "She has a little of that in her, literally" points at Rob. Back muscles comment by fan, Kristen " Totally."

Clip 4 Rob and Taylor being around 'hot girls'

Clip 5 Cast talks about their fave TwiMovie. Don't miss this. Cute R/K moments.

From andzegiantpeach


Jacob scene

You can hear the 'honeymoon scene' - no visuals