RobSten FanVids: More from ComicCon. Vids by Fiorels, Diandra, and Patronuska

Keep on Feeling Better

More fun times at this year's Comic Con. Sweet vid by Fiorels90 Aww.

Kristen:  "They're done. It's very official; they're united." on Bella and Edward...or about herself and Rob? Or as Josh says, "Whatever!" lol

I don't know how I missed this diandravid Jeesh. Anyhoo, here it is. Enjoy more R/K lovin. Aww at 1:30

They're done...It's very official

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Its raining amazing R/K vids tonight. Woohoo! Another one from patronuska Great reason for the late FreddieM to sing, "I was born to love you." Rob totes was checking Kristen at 3:59. Sweet and sexy, yep, yep.
Born to Love You