Videos from the MTV Comic Con Special

ETA: All the Rob and Kristen MTV CC2011 clips in one youtube video
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Since you're all asking about the MTV Comic Con Special. Here are the R/K vids featured in Josh's MTV bit. You can find the youtube versions of Rob and Kristen's interviews at this post. Rob and Kristen CC Red Carpet Interviews Part 1

 MTV vids (R/K Interviews, Press Con clips) are under the CUT.

"I just get lubed up and jump right into it," RPattz jokes.

The other part of the MTV Special are clips from the PressCon. You can find the Collider video which covers the full press con HERE

Touchy Kristen. Wedding was filmed Secret Service Style.

Being Shirtless Makes Rob nervous in BD.

Awkward Part of filming BD.

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