Complete Breaking Dawn Panel Vids in HD

"Moderator, director and cast introductions. Kristen Stewart reveals what it was like to shoot the wedding scene and Robert Pattinson talks about filming in Brazil. The video ends right before a scene from the movie is shown because no movie footage was allowed to be recorded."
Thanks EatEditEtc  and Miranda for the heads up.
The complete Q and A panel was posted via these fan vids - but I know how you guys love everything HD.

Updated! Parts 2,3 and 4 under the CUT

"Taylor Lautner describes the evolution of Jacob's personality through Breaking Dawn Part 1. Kristen Stewart reveals her reaction to the birth scene but unintentionally embarrasses herself. Robert Pattinson and director Bill Condon discuss their favorite scenes to film in Breaking Dawn. Stewart talks about the difference from filming between Louisiana and Canada. Finally, Lautner and Stewart explain which scene from Breaking Dawn Part 1 that they are excited to reveal to fans."

"A mother asks Kristin what inspired and motivated her to play the part of a mother. Another fan asks Rob and Taylor what it's like to work with a cast full of beautiful women. Bill Condon reveals that he's currently in the process of choosing which songs will be included in the soundtrack in Breaking Dawn Part 1. A fan asks Taylor what it's like to perform in the fight scenes although most of his fight scenes include a CG wolf.

Additional cast members are introduced (Julia Jones, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene). The panel continue to answer fan questions including a young girl who asks Rob if he likes having a baby with "Bella."

ill Condon talks about which people inspired and motivated him to make the movie closely resemble the book. Ashley Green, Elizabeth Reaser, Julia Jones and Robert Pattinson talk about what they'll miss once filming is over.

The panel is asked which movie from the Twilight saga is their favorite and Kristen accidentally says, "Goddamn" during her response. Taylor wonders if his personality is similar to Jacob's personality. Ashley Greene talks about her character (she talks about how certain parts from the book did not make it in to the movie but this part was not recorded). Various panel members answer if they would ever do voice acting and what they do to "pump themselves up before filming."