SWATH Update: On Kristen's Hair Transformation and More Updates More PalakPatel


KstewartNews "Looks like Kristen’s personal on-set stylist, Bonnie Clevering will return to work on yet another film with our favorite actress. We can confirm she will join Kristen on the set of ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ this August. Bonnie has done Kristen’s hair for both ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Breaking Dawn’. IT andLY provided hair products for the ‘Twilight’ Saga films, and Cleverling will continue using the product line in transforming Kristen into the fairest of them all. After seeing Bella’s beautiful ‘Breaking Dawn’ locks we are very excited to see what hair magic both Bonnie and IT and LY will bring to the lovely ‘Snow White.’"

via twilightish

And our new BFF, PalakSPatel answers fan Qs, once again...
SparklingCullen: @palakspatel are you expecting more fans around the set than usual due to Kristen?” It will be closed sets like all sets.

@evangeline_b: @palakspatel is it super secret, the locations? or are fans allowed to go (from afar?) super duper secret

@CharliesStache: @palakspatel Another #SWATH ? Will they give Kristen a sexy, bad ass yet beautiful Snow White look?” Find out Saturday!

@Shadowed_Gates: @palakspatel reports saying Eddie Izzard no longer involved, Is this true? :We will announce dwarf cast at #sdcc