WFE Barcelona PressCon - May 2, 2011

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20thCFoxSp  First question for Rob: If Edward wanted to break away from accepting this role. He answers that it was simply a challenge! really the whole team is delighted to have worked with animals!! Especially with the elephant Tai ... :)Robert Pattinson is very interested in the circus city and its ways of promoting .. although Pattinson joked that he believes would only be able to sell tickets. They ask Rob if in real life he's ever had to hide a relationship" "He answers no!! Reese Witherspoon talks about the wonderful costumes and hairstyles in the movie. Rob will answer on whether he wants to start a family or not in real life. Rob said he never felt right for the part of handsome guy until he did Twilight. He jokes that he's marrying an older rich woman, so he can teach tennis classes, drink with his friends, and backpack with his baby. PressCon is over.

@tiooscarReese talked about her hairstyle being like that of Jean Harlow's, said she could have been a clown at the circus. Rob says that being able to play a human instead of a vampire has been a relief. Christoph says that asking how it is working w/animals is like asking how it is to work with humans, they are all different.