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The girl is a reporter from Bravo..
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Translation via mijnjasje from the Netherlands- UNDER THE CUT . Thanks

The mega – star and Yvonne from BRAVO have known each other for three years.

Pic with Kristen, Robert and Yvonne 2008: Before the first “Twilight” film came out in our country, Rob (22 at the time) and Kristen Stewart (at the time 18) visited the BRAVO-redaction and talked with Yvonne.
Pic with Robert and Yvonne 2009: Two jokers: after the “New Moon” interview, a year later there was another meeting with the Brit.

"The super vampire sincerely steals your breath – in the most true sense of the word.

How do I, Bravo reporter Yvonne, get so far as to get strangled by mega-star Robert Pattinson? Very simple: It’s just a lot of fun. And Robert is just a funny guy. He likes to do it. Of course he does. In his private life he doesn’t seem like a star. Every time I meet him, he seems like an outgoing little boy in a dream man’s body. Funny and sweet. When I see him again in Berliner Hotel de Rome, it’s like he’s another person. No bodyguards or PR-people enter the room with him. Only him and me, not pressured and happy.
“Finally you do this in the capital city,” I said. “But you’re not from Berlin, are you?” he wants to know. “No, I came from München this morning.” “Just for me?” he asks, grinning and he looks at me with his sparkling blue eyes. When he looks like that it’s even more easy to like him. Kristen Stewart really is a lucky girl to have a boyfriend like that, I think to myself silently.
“Oh, Robert,” I sigh, “I’m sure that every woman in the whole world would fly anywhere for you!” He laughs. Actually, he always laughs. About my jokes, but most loudly about his own. (once he says: “Shit” and laughs for two minutes). But he also listens attentively and can be thoughtful – then he runs his hand through his hair, clears his voice and looks at the ground. Unaware grimaces seem to be his thing.
When we pose for a picture to remember this meet, I say: “But I want to do something funny.” He looks at me questioningly, his eyebrows pulled up: “What then?” “Hm… I don’t know. I can mess with your hair?” He chuckles. “Ah, come on! That’s not funny. Everybody wants to do that.” “Then you think of something, smarty pants!” One second later he grabs my neck. Knips! He wants to see the picture. “That was funny, wasn’t it?” he asks happily. That’s right, Robert! Well, until next time!"