New Pic of Rob at Norman's Rare Guitars- May 22, 2010

Click to enlarge.  Scratch on Rob? bruise?  Maybe Rex the Lion attacked him or Rosie hugged him really tight with her trunk.  But boy.. is he really buff or what?

"Today we had somebody really special that came in the store, Robert Pattinson. Rob bought a 1962 ES335 and a Rare Dobro 30's Double Cyclops. Thanks Rob for your support and you are always welcome at Norman's Rare Guitars."

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The 2 Guitars Rob bought : Dobro 30's Double Cyclops, 1962 ES335 Guitar

For those interested in the guitars, the 1962 ES335 is valued anywhere from $25,000-$32,000, but currently selling for around $7,000. The Dobro at $1,500.
Guitar info: MsJBell via RPLife