Why we love Catherine Harwicke

Kris, Rob, and Catherine at the Twilight Premier in Rome last year.

I loved Lords of Dogtown, first because Heath Ledger was in it and I think it was so fresh and appealing. That is how I came across with the feisty, Catherine Hardwicke. Of course, with her spearheading Twilight last year, only made my love for her tripled a hundred times over. Not only she casted the perfect Bella and Edward but because she never fails to make her audience so involved with her characters. And her movies are never predictable, like Thirteen, and I always love the indy feel that she brings to it.
With her latest interview, she again filled us on some more deets about scenes she planned in doing but was cut because of money-issues, including the "blood typing" scene. That was a big loss for the fans, I would have loved to see Rob carry Kristen to the clinic and sneer at Mike Newton. Summit really was beyond being clueless to how big Twilight was going to be.
She also outed Rob (again) and mentioned his "style" during the last Teen's Choice where Twilight took all 11 major awards. Yep, it is now confirmed that his red plaid shirt was the one his buddy Marcus Foster wore the night before when he had a gig. Who really owns it, nobody knows yet. This is what makes Rob endearing and I am not planning to call a stylist anytime soon, only for the Oscar's perhaps.
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