Edward Cullen... Impossibly Beautiful

Edward Cullen is indeed the perfect creature! The high cheekbones, strong jawline, straight nose, and full lips. Those topaz eyes, and the bronze colored usually messy hair, oh the hair! The same perfection that is Robert Pattinson, except for the eyes. Edward Cullen is Adonis-like and is impossibly beautiful! We know it is too early to compare which Edward is the most "exquisite" should you prefer to pick early on. We are giving you a quick photo review.

Twilight Robward - We would miss the bouffant lol.
New Moon Robward - So serious. Can't blame the crease between the brows, gotta blame the NM storyline.
Eclipse Robward - Too soon. I think he would be sexier here, since there is competition in Jacob Black. He needs to put his game face on.

Oh! its so wonderful to be Isabella Marie Swan!