A green light for Breaking Dawn?

We have heard comments from both Rob and Kristen from this year's Comic Con panel that they are looking forward to filming the "delicate" birthing scenes and Bella being pregnant in the fourth installment of The Twilight Saga, then why are we hearing about doubts in the filming of Breaking Dawn. A rep from Summit Entertainment claims that they are still negotiating with Stephenie Meyer's for the fourth book. Can we get a confirmation... soon?

Robstenation do hope that we'll get to see the wedding of Edward and Bella, Bella's transformation, Isle Esme (is it hot in here?) , Bella and Edward being parents, and of course, the beautiful Renesmee. Aaaw, come on, are you not interested in seeing the actual imprinting by Jacob (sounds creepy to us, though lol).

Share with us your most anticipated scenes in Breaking Dawn, oh you know you have one!