Robward Reports on Eclipse Set


The drought that Rob caused for a week is over. He decided to be seen on set today looking dreamy as usual. He reported for "serious" work today. Seriously, David Slade is being charming to the gazillions of fans for tweeting and all. But we also appreciate him for keeping everything under wraps for the safety and privacy of everyone involved in the shoot and that includes Rob and Kristen. We all know why the two deserve more privacy now, right?

Deets include secret sources saying that scenes include a "meadow" scene were shot where Edward and Bella rolled a little, talked bout getting hitched (nope, not that leg hitch scene, ladies), and agree on a wedding date.

Thank you Rob for wearing the grey shirt! We missed it, too. It has been too long. LOL. Btw, is Rob being Edward already? He is already wearing makeup, right? We can't tell, it's too far. We need a closeup of Eclipse Robward real soon.

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