Taycob in Teen Vogue

Taylor in Teen Vogue, looking hot and dirty. Uhmm, another dirty boy.

I am almost over Taylor Lautner being Sharkboy! Yep, I watched Sharkboy and Lavagirl with my kid in 3D years ago. So, you see that is why it is so hard to shake the image of Tay being cute, sporting spiked hair, and having bunny front teeth. But with the onset of these photos of Taylor as Jacob Black being all of seventeen and exudes sexiness ( did I just say that? I am hell bound) I def think that before the November showing date of The Twilight Saga: New Moon I am all geared to see the physicality, the brusque beauty (according to Bella..."sort of beautiful") that Taycob worked months on end to be drooled and swooned on by the female species. No worries, for me he is still the kid, the boy bestfriend type that I am going to wish for my kid to have in a few more years. I am also praying for her to have a vampire suitor, as hot as Edward Cullen ( told you, hell bound! lol)