Stephenie Meyer's Ipod "owner" - Elbow

When the Twilight Saga queen bee, Stephenie Meyer updates her site, we read! She updated her subjects, that's us, (ahem) with the latest books that kept her summer busier than ever by Elizabeth Knox and Suzanne Collins (note to self, source titles).

Btw, here is the Abbey Road session of her ipod "owner" Elbow, with their hit, One Day Like This. Very nice!

Among the list of her recommended CDs are Meese's Broadcast, which we adore as well, and Silversun Pickups' Swoon. We do hope and pray to all the gods and goddesses that Stephenie will be inspired enough to finish Midnight Sun. Please pretty please!

Edward's emotions is so bottled up he might burst. He needs his angst and frustrations, including his undying love for Bella, to be on paper.

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