The Twilight Saga: Eclipse...Expectations

The tent scene. Chapter 22. Fire and Ice. Whole chapter please.

End of Chapter 20 Compromise page 459-460.

November is two months away, for gazillions of Twifans like me the Holidays will be earlier because of the opening of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. I'm pretty sure that Chris Weitz will be handing Summit his final cut anytime soon. I pray that it will not disappoint. I have not seen any of his movies. I have seen him in interviews and he seems a fun guy. I hope that it will translate. I just hope that he is in touch with his feminine side for New Moon because this is still being told from Bella's point of view. And here comes, Eclipse...

I am also sure you have your own "MUST SCENES" and I bet the above two are on top of them. Oh, yes. Fire and Ice will be a tough scene to direct with Edward just "mind reading" Jacob and all. The formal proposal scene is of course a major one, as well. I wanna see Robward getting down on one knee and proposing to Kristen, no I mean Bella. Haha. gotcha there!

Of course, that "leg-hitch" that all the women, matured girls lol are all waiting for. Mr. David Slade, its at page 186 chapter 8 Temper of your holy twibible. If we need to petition this we can do so, just tell us as early as now, ok?
I know you guys are out there. No need to lurk around. Share with us how you feel and your Eclipse expectations. Maybe we can tweet them to Mr. Slade, right? Just saying.

The Robstenation heart goes to sasukee23lover for the beautiful artwork.