Sam Claflin Mentions Rob and Kristen in ElleUK - June 2012
 Elle UK: You worked closely with Kristen Stewart on Snow White. How was it to be near to that level of fame?
Sam Claflin: Awkward! [laughs] I know its quite hard for her to have a normal life, to go to the shops in the afternoon, and I'm blessed that at the moment I still live an absolutely regular life. I get to stay mysterious.

Elle UK: Who do you compare yourself to? 
SC: … My first job ever was with Eddie [Redmayne] in the Pillars of the Earth and I’ve witnessed him grow as an actor – he looks so at home, it all seems to come very easily to him. He’s friendly with Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson and he’s the next one of their group to come through…. Thanks to KStewartUK