Jack Morrissey Clarifies Breaking Dawn 2 Additional Footage Info

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TwiExaminer/Amanda Bell This weekend, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 director Bill Condon confirmed that additional photography would soon be done on the film in Vancouver, British Columbia. In his letter explaining the matter, Condon referred to the work as "additional shots" which will include Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart "pop[ping] in those gold contacts one last time."

Tonight, Condon's partner (and purveyor of many Twilight answers) Jack Morrissey has presented new and more detailed information about what that will entail in his latest "Team Jack" Podcast.

Morrissey had a lot of useful things to say about the matter, so here's the breakdown of the pertinent Breaking Dawn - Part 2-related points and quotes made during the show.

He and his podcast team - which includes Bill Condon's assistant Greg Yolen - estimate that the shoots will take place in the next two weeks or so and that the length of shoot is likely to last around four days or so.

"Additional photography" versus "Re-shoots"
Morrissey explained that the appropriate term for the shots being done is "additional photography" and not "re-shoots." Quite frankly, he stated that the shots being done in Vancouver were the consequence of missed second unit assignments.

"Here’s what I will say. The director, Bill Condon, has said to me several times, as recently as a week ago, that it is a particular point of pride for him, given his overall body of work, to have taken into production a 100 day shooting scheduled movie, a giant movie that would be released as two parts, and to have come out the other side of that and to not have a single day to not have a single scene directed by him in the so-called main unit . . . re-shot. And that includes what’s to come. Not one shot directed by the main unit over the course of 100 days on these two Breaking Dawn movies has needed to be re-shot or will need to be re-shot . . . Nothing that he directed has been re-shot or will be re-shot, which then leads us to be able to say that most of [what’s to come] is stuff that’s from the second unit," Jack Morrissey said.

"On Breaking Dawn, for everything that was to the second unit director . . . was drawn out, storyboarded, developed and agreed to, so everybody knew exactly what those shots were meant to look like once they were executed . . . The coming additional photography is stuff that was conceived, developed, and was to be executed by the second unit during the period of principal photography. For various reasons, it was not executed by the second unit . . . So, now, because it was not executed by the second unit, up you all go . . . to get what should’ve been gotten [during] principal photography. It’s just that simple.”

Rob, Kristen, and Michael Sheen involved
“It’s less than a week, and we already know that Rob and Kristen will be there; I just tweeted yesterday that yes, there will be wigs involved, but I did blur the line by pointing out that Michael Sheen will also doubtless be spotted throughout the Vancouver airport to reprise for one last time his part of Aro the leader of the Volturi . . . As Bill mentioned in his letter to the fans, Rob and Kristen will be donning their gold contacts one last time . . . She’s donning both [red and gold], and Michael Sheen will be donning red.”

Praise for Michael Sheen
Greg Yolen observed, "Michael Sheen is so good . . . he just tears it up in this film.”

The bottom line on the shots to be done
“There’s not much to [the shots]. There’s no dialogue involved. Just little pick-ups.”

Listen to TeamJack's podcast here