Pics and Video of Rob at LAX - April 27, 2012

Update! According to this papz geneyoung pics "Twihards  Robert Pattinson has landed in DC for the #WHCD" Rob was alone he flew in from LA Kristen flew in from Vegas. Will post pics soon. Rob and Kristen were on separate flights I got pics of Rob I missed Kristen tryin 2 get @jhutch1992 Josh Hutcherson Clooney

Pics will be posted as soon as we have them.
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HQs  pics and video via RPLife
Warning: Pap Video X17 'Rob heads to DC on Flight with George Clooney'
"We caught Rob Pattinson jetting out of LAX airport today, and rumor has it that the Twilight hunk is on his way to Washington D.C to rub elbows with Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner tomorrow night. Looks like someone is going to need a suit and a shave! Maybe that explains why the British heartthrob was on the same flight as George Clooney!"

And is Rob heading to Washington D.C.? More on this and More Pics under the CUT

Is Rob heading to Washington D.C.? Earlier today even before Rob's pics popped up Punkd Images tweeted this info. So who knows? He might show up at the White House Correspondents' Dinner or he might not. lol

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  Punkd Images Because he's in Washington.. RT @pursuit23: @PUNKD_Images Kristen was in Vegas last night...why couldnt it have been Rob lol.

DC... he has an appearance today.. RT @patsystew: @PUNKD_Images You are saying Rob Pattinson is in Washington DC or Washington State?

Will have 2 wait and C if she does.. RT @Elle_2x: RT @LoveTheStew @PUNKD_Images at the white house, right ? Is Kristen joining him ? :)

yuuuup.. RT @offline82: but that's tomorrow have 2 wait & C if she doesRT@LoveTheStew at the white house right? Is Kristen joining him?

Not teasing.. Reshoots start monday in VanCity.. RT @LoveTheStew: @offline82 stop teasing us :( !! Washington DC or the state ? Reshoot or..

Honestly Don't know... just know he's in DC til sunday.. RT @sallyvg: and you can reveal us what event will it be?