Pics and Video of Rob and Kristen Arriving in Vancouver. Kristen Leaving LAX - April 29, 2012

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Rob and Kristen arriving at YVR (different times)
and Kristen leaving LAX

Warning: Papz Video

Splash Youtube
 HQ Pics kstewartfans/ RPLife

More HQ pictures under the CUT

Rob arriving at YVR (Vancouver)
MQ Pics
 Picture of Rob at the airport in Seattle - connecting - on his way to Vancouver BTwizzle1981

Kristen arriving at YVR
MQs vancouversunkstewartnews

Kristen leaving LAX

LQ pics from papz 1 2 3 4

Punkd_images DC to SeaTac (Seattle) to YVR (Vancouver) Rob did.. RT @mandysmind: So Rob had layover in Houston and has landed in Vancouver.
 @PUNKD_Images: Rob pics in a bit.. Kristen and Michael Sheen have landed..
 @canadagraphs:Just saw BreakingDawn star Kristen Stewart return for re-shoots. John was of course in tow Its official #Robsten are back at the love nest.

In case you missed it - Rob was spotted by pro soccer players from Houston Dynamo who were flying from DC to Houston (looks like a layover for Rob)
BobbyBoswell For all of those sending me messages, @calencarr3 didn't even come over when I was chattin w/ Robert Pattinson. He might be team Jacob...
  Calen Carr "Saw @theirishayk on our flight back to Houston this morning @bobbyboswell and @GeoffCameron were too busy watching Robert Pattinson to notice. I want to clear my name about these vicious rumors @bobbyboswell is spreading about me being #TeamJacob. Sorry bob there's only one Robert."