Rob and Kristen Spotted at Coachella April 21, 2012

Celebuzz On Saturday (April 21, 2012), Kristen Stewart was photographed wandering around Coachella Music Festival without boyfriend Robert Pattinson, but a concertgoer informed Celebuzz that the actress wasn’t really far from her beau!

An onlooker told us, ”They were kissing and holding hands during Radiohead, swaying and singing along to parts [of the songs.]”

Earlier in the day, Rob, 25, and Kristen, 22, were also spotted cooling off in the beer garden together. Sporting burgundy shorts, a grey tank and a baseball cap, K-Stew looked happy and relaxed as she hung out with Rob and their friends, ”laughing and looking like they were having a fun time.”

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Managing editor of @Jen_McDonnell "Everyone keeps tweeting that Kristen Stewart is at Coachella w/o Pattinson. Guys, they were holding hands. I know my homeless looking Brits. Hit #Coachella celeb spotting jackpot. Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart next to us at Radiohead. Sorry everyone asking about a Robsten pic - I didn't take one because they seemed to be having a good time not being recognized. Plus it was really dark (11 pm) so there was no way to take a pic without a flash. He was wearing a grey tshirt and didn't seem to have much of a beard. She was wearing a black tank and dark red lipstick. They were holding hands and when they stopped to regroup with their pals, she put her other hand on his chest. THAT'S ALL I KNOW, people! I work for an entertainment site. I've interviewed Rob before. Trust me , I'm not confusing them with someone else :).

She also linked her old interview with Rob "Proof that I know what Robert Pattinson looks like. Can I go back to Coachella-ing now? :)"

jenmovies "Saw Kristen Stewart and RPatz holding hands. Walked right by me! That was last night. So coooool! Not even a Twilight fan. lol. (About Rob)Slightly beardy! It was dark and he went by fast but I think blue tee and shorts? Don't quote me! haha. (She saw them) coming out of VIP at Coachella!!! I actually think they bumped me on way past. haha So weird. :DThey looked in a hurry and trying to hide but they looked happy for sure. :) " via Alice_intwiland


Very much aware of the other 'sighting' and its source - nope, not gonna post.