Kristen Spotted at MamaStew's K-11 Special Screening in LA - April 18, 2012

Update! Kristen was there!

Markus_Redmond @IreneQueen Yes, she was there in full support of Mama Stew and K-11!

RealJulesStew Great 1st screening of @K11OfficialFilm last night. Special thanks to Goran, Kate, DB and the entire cast and crew. Stellar!
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K11OfficialFim "Cast and crew screening of @RealJulesStew K-11 in L.A. tonight with @katedelcastillo and others. Follow us for all the stars tweets tonight!
"It's a private screening for cast and crew, so no details being released @Chrisska. Thanks! Some of them will be tweeting, so stay tuned.

Cast and Crew on Twitter @katedelcastillo @Markus_RedmondTheSarahTrost @_krystyn @BillyMorrison
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And just moments ago (not sure if its related ) Kristen's makeup artist Mrs. McDreamy herself, JillianDempsey tweeted. Or probably more hours of press for OTR?
"Beautifying the lovely Kristen Stewart today with @Danilo a.k.a. the oracle. Seriously, ask him anything. He knows!."