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OnTheRedCarpet Robert Pattinson: Gassy elephant met Reese Witherspoon

Robert Pattinson says Reese Witherspoon caught wind of a rather rude elephant while filming "Water for Elephants," which hit theaters on Friday, April 22.

"Everybody just wanted to meet the elephant," Pattinson told about filming with the animal. "I've never seen a happier crew on a movie. Everyone comes into work and they're like, 'Morning, Tai!' They're so happy when the trunk comes up and stuff. It was amazing."

"I loved the moment Reese is doing her act," Pattinson said, "She had to do this trick where she rolled ... she did a flip off the elephant and then ended up lying underneath it for a second and then kind of smiling at the end of the thing."

He adds, "The elephant stood up on her hind legs and did the most incredible fart directly into Reese's face for about a good 30 seconds in front of about a thousand extras and Reese, just wanting the take to be done, just is under there smiling and taking it."  It was kind of incredible," he said.

In case you missed it, Reese already told her part of this 'fart story' with PopSugar lol

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