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Not really a new interview but the mere mention of 'Last Tango in Paris' is so funny. It's the movie that Kristen and Rob bonded  over pre-filming Twilight. Or so they say in that legendary MTV interview. Really Rob, not so Romeo and Juliet huh? lol

He tried to work as model, then he decided to do the musician until a 109 year old vampire came into his life. Since then Robert Pattinson became Edward Cullen and his life has changed. And it has gone so far as he can’t even go out of his home.

Getting closer to the 3rd millennium, among blind dates on Facebook, scandals on Youtube, millions of people stand in line to watch a movie where girls are courted like in the 1800, relationships are chaste and platonic and love is forever. Almost like in a Jane Austen’s romance. What if this is real reason of the Twilight success?

A step back in time. September 2008, 60 days before the release of Twilight: blogs of the fans are full of comments on the actors chosen to play Edward and Bella on the big screen. The kindest adjective on Robert Pattinson are “inadequate”, “dull” and “ridiculous”. Robert jokes today. He went from the Oympus of Hollywood celebrities to the unstoppable Pattinsonmania movement and securing the 50th place on the Forbes 2010 list of most powerful people. <> , Pattinson explains, and he looks, if possible, even better in reality than on the screen: low voice, elegant bearing and deep gaze, the actor is charming, nice and humble. Nothing of the star. When he talks he looks into your eyes, he is very concentrated when he listens to the questions and always waits a moment before answering. His life has completely changed in less than 6 months: after the Twilight release he had to armour-plate himself, filter news and change hotel 3 times a month because of continual leaks, like it happened in NY during filming “Remember Me”, where he was also run over by a taxi because of the pressure of the twilighters.

Londoner, the youngest of 3 children (his sister Lizzie is a singer), his father imports vintage cars, his mother works for a modeling agency, Pattinson moves a lot of money today, just think about he played in 5 blockbusters (ther’s also HP and the goblet of fire and HP and order of fenix) and that Eclipse, filmed with just 68 million dollars, grossed 400 million dollars in just 2 weeks (the equivalent of the takings of Twiligth).  he taunts himself. and Mmmh, yeah, but 2 years ago twilighters of all over the world weren’t happy of the choice of him as Edward, and today the same fans stop him and ask him, kindly, to bite them on their neck, lifting posters up like “Rob bite me”.. Without doubts, one of the (many) secrets of the success of this saga is actually him, the corresponding vampire of the 21th century, an emaciated, romantic and handsome creature with a gothic look and something of the rebel james dean which brings him to a marked unsociability.

-What is like to be considered a sex symbol?
It’s a strange feeling. I realized that in Italy, when I was in montepulciano shooting New Moon. I keep finding incredible the fact that before twilight no one ever turned around to look at me, while now I can’t even walk down the street. But I don’t want to be considered a sex symbol, just an actor.

- Are you stressed by the fans?
Amazed, a bit embarrassed, but not stressed. The fans are a huge support. On set in Tuscany they applauded at every take, even if I didn’t do anything. It was nice. I thought I was in a theatre!

-Why do you think Edward is so fascinating, not only for the female audience?
Because he’s a mysterious character. When you read Stephanie’s books it’s easy to project what you want onto him.

-Does being a vampire help him?
It makes him more intriguing than a human being, like being immortal.

-Would you like being immortal?
Honestly, It doesn’t appeal to me. I would end up getting bored.

-How much are you similar to Edward Cullen?
He often has feelings he can’t handle. That’s a common behavior. It happened to me, too: I’ve always had weird relationships and also in the movies I like messy love stories, not the classic romantic love.

-So nothing like Romeo and Juliet?
I’m more like “last tango in Paris” by Bertolucci (laughs)

-In Eclipse you divide the scene with another male actor, Taylor Lautner. Does it bother you?
Not at all. I feel more free.

-Did you know Kristen Stewart before Twilight?
I had seen her in “Into the wild” by Sean Penn. She’s a responsible actress. But I had already realized it by reading her curriculum: she always made motivated choices. I know her very well by now and I knew she would suffer from all this mania after Twilight, with all the paps and photographers.

-What about your singer career?
It has stopped now. But I keep playing. I wanna do a record in 2 years.

-Your hotel in Montepulciano was mobbed by fans, you were almost run over by a car in NY because of them. How has your life changed?
When I go out I more worried about where to go, because I always meet someone who stops me and ask me an autograph. Everybody recognize me by now and I got paranoid about it.

- Your career has changed, too. It seems like everybody wants Pattinson.
This scares me, too. I can’t understand who really wants me for who I am or who wants me in order to have the Twilight fans.