The 'Kristen' Tee From 'Dead & Alive' Clothing

Dead & Alive clothing have a Kristen tee that will soon be available for pre order at just £8.99, 10.73 Euro or $13.95. I you have Facebook let them know you like this tee HERE.

Message from t-shirt maker: "Maybe you can add somewhere why I'm doing this shirt. I'm a big Kristen fan and i feel this photo shows everything a fan could love about Kristen. She's a real girl who has no fears showing what she approves, supports, loves and dislikes. Maybe fans need to wear this in front of paps.
Oh and a part of the money from each shirt will be donated to help cleaning the oil spill."

The Kristen F*ck the Hype Tee will be available to purchase soon, details HERE

via Kristenstewartfashion