Rob and Manager Steph Out and About in Malibu - July 24

The papz site reports Rob and manager, Stephanie Ritz went to the movies but it is unconfirmed. Maybe because they were just papd in front of a cinema - then met some fans (or friends?) who gave Rob something bought from Kitson.

ETA: Saturday seemed so normal but the events later that day proved to be very frustrating for Rob. I am sure you have seen the other pap pics or is already aware of what happened. I have posted two batches of photos here and that is it for me.  You can look for the other pap pictures elsewhere. Thanks.
And I will not post the video either or link it.

ETA: Excerpt from GossipCop
" is pretending that Robert Pattinson made similar mistakes when pestered by paparazzi over the weekend. He supposedly “yells” at a photog after committing a “hit & run.” He got “pissy,” sneers the site.
It’s a total misrepresentation. There’s no hitting and running. There’s no yelling. There’s no prima donna hissy fit. He barely even raises his voice.
Pattinson looks frustrated and exhausted, and he repeatedly — politely — asks the paps not to follow him. The outlet even provides video of the incident, and it shows Pattinson being completely civil.
You can even hear a photographer praising Pattinson as “such a nice guy.”

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To make the most out of Rob's paparazzi encounter.  I am very proud of Rob, the way how he calmly handled the situation. He definitely outsmarted the papz. He was extremely frustrated and disappointed but he still sanely handled it very well. He didn't give them what they wanted.  That is class at its best.

People can be evil, not just the paparazzi involved but also those who make up lies, intentionally tweet locations, bash on people, those who promote hate and double standards... God! the list is endless. I have my own opinion, you have yours, too.

I will NOT DARE to be preachy. I HATE that! Just DO what you WILL is good. I trust you guys!

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Updated: I already took down the links of the other sites that featured the pics. Sorry.

Caption from the agency: Robert spent the day in Malibu, going to theaters and to a house party, when leaving the house Robert got really upset seen photographers waiting outside for his picture to follow him home, Robert went to Venice after leaving Malibu where he stopped twice asking to the photographers to leave him alone, Robert came out of the car confronted the photographers and talked to them explaining they wouldn't find out where he lives, Robert asked the cops for help but they didn't help making Robert even more upset, both times Robert stopped his car he spent at least 45 minutes waiting at the local to see if the photographers would leave.