Video and Pics of Rob from the WFE Set in Chickamauga July 30, 2010

amandartav via RPLife


Pics are super small.

ETA Hibbits tweets "Day one in TN finished... Jankowski house is done! Looked beautiful."

ETA: Kristen sighting in Chickamauga? lol

Facebook via"Hearts are breaking all over TN/GA this afternoon as the local station got a shot of Rob's travel buddy, yep he brought Kristen along...if that doesn't scream confirmation I really don't know what is..."

BS? but if its captured by the local news, well... we have to wait for that. A truckload of salt everyone...
I didn't find anything on  WRCB TV  about this. So, def BS, huh? Some people...

Apparently, based from the description of what she saw on tv, watch vid again at 0:40. Def not Kristen but a production assistant on the set.