Kristen in Tu Mag

Our meeting was amazing! She has a striking personality. Despite being so petite, as soon as she walked into the Benedict Room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, the place lit up!
The girl doesn’t want to be a simple star caught up in the glamour and the paparazzi. She’s an actress that leaves a mark because of her work. Her attitude and casual way of dressing do not overshadow her, because as much as she doesn’t want to be special, she is! She’s naturally beautiful, discrete, but at the same time very impacient.
Dressed in white and black t-shirts (layered) with a black sweater and jeans, she greeted us without stopping one second from squirming in her chair and fixing her hair up on a pony tail, brushing it back with her hand, playing with it from one side to the other…

They say Eclipse is a darker movie, is it true?
Probably because of director David Slade, because his concept is more mature and scarier. A little bit like New Moon, but things get more complicated as far as the dynamic between the characters and their relationship with each other. And of course there’s the whole situation of vampires and werewolves trying to protect me.

Do you find the vampire world appealing?
We all find appealing the fact that vampires live forever and never age. Personally, there’s nothing in particular in vampires that appeals to me, but I love the way they are in Twilight.

Is it hard to choose between Edward and Jacob?
It’s tough for Bella to be in that position, because she ignores the fact that there’s many levels of understanding between loving and caring for someone, and suddenly having the priority to choose someone makes her realize her mistakes, which have nothing to do with being grateful or hopeful about something.
Clearly we can relate to her when she’s confused and says: “I don’t know anything”; she finds herself completely lost and doesn’t know the difference between loving and caring for someone.

You’ve grown up as an actress, from the beginning to now, what has that process been like?
Everyday I grow up and learn something, and in every movie that I’ve been in has given me new experiences. I’ve grown up a lot with Bella, because I feel like I’m projecting myself more with this character than with any other; I feel connected with her in a very personal way. That is how a person grows as an actor, movie by movie, or character by character. Of course, Twilight has been a long project that has changed my life in multiple ways, and it’s the set where I’ve met a lot of my best friends and have had great working relationships.

Jacob and Bella have something more than just a friendship. Is it possible for a man and a woman to be just friends?
Well, it’s very common that the friendship a guy and a girl have turns into something else, but I do think that a relationship that doesn’t go beyond friendship is also possible. But that can’t be determined by me or anyone else, it’s a decision made by the two people in that relationship.

What matters the most to you?
Acting, playing different characters and wokring with people that have more experience than me so that I can keep learning.

How much has your life changed beause of the fame?
Success has made my life a little easier, I’ve managed to get amazing things. Now people ask me “what’s next? what project are you choosing?”. It’s a privilege having the opportunity to have those questions, even if it’s hard to answer them sometimes. I owe it to Twilight. Fame looks more spectacular from the outside than it does from the inside.

Fans complain that you don’t tweet, what is your relationship with social networks?
I can’t be online because, I have to be online! I’d love to please the fans because of the way they support us, but time is not enough. It wouldn’t be enough the ammount of time I spent online with them.

Music means a lot to you. Does it inspire you when you’re on the set filming a movie?
Definitely it’s one of the most sensitive elements I have, and it’s very satisfying to work and listen to my favorite songs. This new soundtrack is amazing.

If you weren’t an actress, what job would you like to have?
I can’t imagine doing something else. This is what I want, and it sounds weird, but I get bored when I’m not filming, I wonder “what do I do now?”. But I like having time to read, listen to music.

Scans and Translation by Twilight Poison