Kristen's Interview with News Mag - Austria. Talks about American Girl, OTR. Says no to porn version of Twi

“Hey guys, I’m no demi-godess.”

Kristen Stewart. About the “Twilight” hype, her desire to visit foreign countries and why she’s gonna learn arabic in the near future.

News: You are role model for a whole generation. How do you deal with all the hysteria concerning your person?
Stewart: Girls my age identify with Bella, that’s obvious. But that has nothing to do with me. These girls love Bella so much they project that onto me. I’m a rather shy person. All this hype and euphoria is not about me, but about the person I represent in the movie. I would like to clear that up: Hey, I’m not some kind of demi-godess. I adore “Twilight” as much as you do. I was just lucky enough to get the role. I’m expected o be better than the fans but I’m not.

News: They also love you as a person, your understatement and that you’re down to earth .
Stewart: People also hate me for that.

News: In “American Girl” you play a marine in training. The director predicts an Academy Award for you. Will you learn how to speak arabic? Are you interested in politics?
Stewart: Yeah, I’m very interested in that. But the focus in this story lies on a family. A girl and what she thinks about her country. It has nothing to do with what her homecountry does. It’s a tragic story. A girl without any options joins the marines and eventually lands in Afghanistan. And it’s also about how she deals with this after her return. If they are actually gonna go through with the project then I’d love to learn arabic.

News: You are also a part of Kerouacs classic “On the Road”?
Stewart. Yes, for sure because that was my first favourite book. A great inspiration. For 25 years now the projects awais realization and I’m a part of it!! I’m really lucky!

News: Is traveling an inspiration for you?
Stewart: That’s what’s really cool about these exceptional circumstances. We travel a lot. On the one hand I love traveling, on the other hand I nearly have to force myself to do it. Maybe that’s chracteristical for Americans since we aren’t exactly known as globetrotters. I’m a control freak and I always have to know what’s happening. I think backpacking would be therapeutic for me.

News: Pattinson was quoted that be would love to see a hardcore version of “twilight” for adult eyes only.
Stewart: He was just kidding. I, for one, wouldn’t do a porn version of “Twilight”.

News: In “Eclipse” there’s this one spectacular kissing scene with Taylor as Jacob. Did it take you long to shoot that?
Stewart: It took the whole day. I just thought: Oh god this better be good.

News: Are women like Jodie Foster role models for you?
Stewart: Jodie Foster’s great. I can’t even express how important she was for me. I think it’s impressive in general if women rock a movie. Because most people just want to see stories about men.

Translation and scan by Tama0026/via Twifans

Kristen's answer to the porn version of Twi question is so funny. I can picture R/K bickering again about Rob's 'too telling'  jokes. lol