Rob Pattinson's Performance Has Matured in Eclipse "I know the consequences of the choice you’re making." That’s what Edward Cullen tells Bella Swan in my second favorite scene in the Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer. (The Meadow Scene remains my #1 sequence.)

It’s not just that Robert Pattinson’s American accent is flawless. Is not just that Pattinson sounds more passionate when he whispers than just about any other actor when they declare their love by thumping their chests.

What makes that intimate moment between Pattinson and fellow player Kristen Stewart so effective is that the actor, in a few seconds, quietly whispering one brief, single line, is able to convey both his deep concern and his boundless affection for the person lying next to him. His is also the voice — or rather, the whisper — of experience. He knows that there’ll be an enormously high price to pay if Bella is to become one with him.

Pattinson is only in his early 20s, and many have derided his acting abilities. He was even up for a Worst Supporting Actor Razzie Award earlier this year. (A way for those Razzie guys to get some publicity, c’mon…) I’ve mentioned before that Stewart has matured as an actress and will probably surprise those who have found her "bland" before. I believe the same will happen when Pattinson is seen in Eclipse.

Trust me; this is not a matter of me being some out-of-control fan who secretly lusts after Pattinson. That’s not the case at all. It’s simply how I feel his performance; he doesn’t even look all that great in the scene because of all that white powder on his face.

Also, I must admit that I’d love to see Twilight naysayers (who hate it because they see it as "chick lit" and/or a "chick flick") bite their collective, prejudiced tongues if Eclipse and its players turn out to be — at the very least — moderately well-received by film critics. I’m rooting for that.

Directed by David Slade from a screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens on June 30. The final Eclipse trailer will be shown on Oprah next Friday.
source/ twibritneyfan