Eclipse Party Time! New Eclipse Promo Pics

Source PartyAmerica

First, we had ice cream wrappers, now party-hardy stuff.  Where do you think we'll see the latest Eclipse images next?  Summit just loves us so much!  *sarcasm alert*

Suggestions from twatter friends are  sparkly condoms ( I'm thinking sparkly ones for Edward and the furry kind for Jake... to model lmao),  tampons for Bella or Band-Aid, Edward ice cube trays, Jacob heaters and tents, haha.  The possibility is endless.

I may or may not make a separate post about this.  The craziness inspires me.  The people up there needed to make moolah first for the licensing of the images.  Ho hum. Party on!  The fandom will take everything, we are addicts (err beggars) like that.  lol.