GossipCop Busts Latest Rob and Eclipse Rumors

GossipCop  Over the last few hours, whispers of unrest have emanated from the Vancouver set where Eclipse is filming pick-ups.

Robert Pattinson arrived in the Pacific Northwest a couple of days ago to participate. When he wasn’t in front of the cameras immediately after stepping off the plane, many outlets freaked.

Some even suggested a rift between Pattinson and director David Slade, and that the actor was refusing to be cooperative.

This simply is not the case.

As we speak, Pattinson is on the set filming, a source on the scene confirms to Gossip Cop.

“There are absolutely no problems,” a rep for Summit tells Gossip Cop, adding, “Today is the first day of shooting for Robert Pattinson.”

The pick-ups are underway, as scheduled, and speculation about problems should be curbed in favor of facts.

Stir. stir!  Eclipse promo is upon us.  I'd rather have good news surround the promo for Eclipse than this kind of BS.  Rob, Kristen, Taylor, the entire cast, and crew worked hard for this film.  Eclipse deserves good  publicity and not the alarming kind. 

Come on Summit, let the positive energy flow for the Saga's third installment.  Enough of this BS!