Melissa Rosenberg says RobSten Chemistry "Lightning in a Bottle"

Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has written some great love stories during her impressive career, but her Twilight scripts brought us Robsten, the biggest offscreen and onscreen couple there is!

And although it was Stephenie Meyer who originally penned the Twilight vamp books, Rosenberg's scripts—arguably lacking as they may be—have made the movie series what it is, for better or for worse.

Rosenberg recently answered some questions about her work, and she confirmed and elaborated about the utter deliciousness that is our favorite couple:

Rosenberg recently participated in a Q&A at the University of Southern California, and one of our Twi-hard spies got some deets straight from the writer herself.

When Rosenberg was asked what it was like to be responsible for the filmic love-story phenomenon of the time, she told the audience that Rob and Kristen's hot stuff is pretty special.

In fact, she said their chemistry is like "lighting in a bottle"—such poetic words that only a writer would use to describe sexy Robsten love! Or are we overreacting with our Robsten adoration here?

Clearly not.

When Rosenberg (who really could be a Geena Davis doppelganger) answered the query, she practically trembled with oozing excitement when she discussed Rob and Kristen. Even though she was doing her writerly best to remain cool.

And although Rosenberg admitted she doesn't "pay attention" to the offscreen happenings of the cast, she stated that she "really lucked out" having the chance to pen amorous happenings for the gorgeous young real-life couple.

Indeed, Rosenberg added that she "couldn't have asked for anything better" than to have that very opportunity.

Uh, great and all, but we still say we'd like to see what Diablo Cody could have done with the hotness that is Robsten.

As long as he is not giving BS, Ted is fine.