Rob in Bravo Magazine- Translation

Robert Lost In Time
He took of the Vampire teeth’s and now he wears a morning suit and a top hat. Unnecessary will be saying that our Robert continues to be sexy …. Be that as it may! On the final of the 19th century. A French soldier arrives to Paris without money and with not will to go to work. The only thing that he wants is to live healthy life and enjoy the company of the most beautiful ladies a thing that it’s no difficult to him. Bel Ami is attractive and charm men and no women can resist him. Of course to give the life to the ladies ‘man no one is better than Robert. The morning suite and the tall hat that suites him perfectly, although he confess that it was hard to get use to this image: “On the story, sex has an important role “. Humm, it’s interesting to see our ex-vampire with clothes it will be lovely sight for our eyes. Good, but we must be patient because we still have to wait until May of 2011 to see it. “It’s been an intense work, but I’m love the part, it’s something totally different from what I have done until now and that means that will grow a little has an actor” and we are going to assist at that growth.

source via spunk_ransom